Heil Spirits Melbourne Tour 2009

Heil Spirits is playing some shows in Melbourne on the back of his new CDR Hidden Hunter out now on Glacial Avatar. We’ve heard it, and as we’ve come to expect from Eli Partridge, it’s unbelievably heavy and beautiful and relentless!  First up is a Sabbatical showcase which will also feature James Rushford & Joe Talia, Laral, and the new mouthful of a solo project of Mitchell Brennan from Brassskulls which is Anekantavada, at The Old Bar on Sept 17.
Next is a show with Aktion Unit, Dead Boomers, and Rob Mason at Loophole on Sept 18. Then On Sunday there’s a massive show at Mark Skelton’s house where Eli will play a collaborative set under the name of Dysbiotic Dialectic with members of Aktion Unit, Default Jamerson, and Dead Boomers. Truth From Facts, John Butler Fucks Kidz, She Camel Of God, JK Fuller Sleeping Weather, and Kristian M Roberts are playing too.

Sept 17 8.30pm
The Old Bar 74-76 Johnston St

Sept 18 7pm
Loophole 843A High St

Sept 19 3pm
Skelton Manor 43 Pender St

For more info email glacialavatar@gmail.com

Cock Safari – We Are The Children

Cock Safari is the latest incarnation of the dudes previously known as Brassskulls, and they’ve just released their first recordings through the Newcastle based Noise Machine label. It’s available in an extremely limited  run of recycled cassettes which you’ll probably never get a copy of, but thankfully it’s also available as as a free download. It was recorded on the morning of the death of Michael Jackson and as such is as fitting a tribute as you are likely to hear. It doesn’t really sound anything like Brasskulls at all, relying much more on tape loops and samples rather than bowel clearing drones.

1.  We Make A Brighter Day
2.  Fleetwood Jack
3.  Deformed Fuck 1
4. Deformed Fuck 2
5. Deformed Fuck 3
6. Michael’s Penis


Brassskulls reviewed at Foxy Digitalis

Donning drugged faces and drinks in the inlay photo and thinking up track titles like “Semen Through the Hourglass” or “3 Drink Power Lunch with Joseph Hazelwood”, Brassskulls from Australia aren’t exactly your grandfather’s industrial noise band. In fact, I’m not even sure the band still exists as their myspace talks about Coq Safari, “previously known as Brassskulls”. If they really have disbanded, this cdr is already an archival document. It contains the two first Brassskulls cdrs and a live recording as a bonus track. It’s been out for a while already but seems to be still available from the Australian label (or their affiliated distro).

So how did Brassskulls sound? Despite everything abound them suggesting musical one-liners, “Skullduggery” is actually a collection of very atmospheric, dark industrial tracks. When I first put on the cd, I thought it was still the “Lost” dvd which I had been watching before. The plane crash, of course. Desperate screams, screeching metal, (sampled) words abjectly spoken. That was “Career Path”, the first track on a cd that is almost unbearable, but in a good way. My favourite track is that “3 Drink Power Lunch with Joseph Hazelwood” already mentioned, which gradually loops up into a mindblowing wall of Neil Youngish “Dead Man” guitar buzz. Three guys to watch, I’d say. But come on – Coq Safari?
7/10 — Jan-Arne Sohns (20 May, 2009)


An Afternoon at The Croatian Club

Saturday April 25 will see an eclectic assortment of experimental musicians perform at the famous Croatian Club in Newcastle. Be sure to catch the epic guitar and insect sound scapes of Seaworthy from Sydney, whose new album 1897 is out on 12k
Also appearing will be Heil Spirits from Lismore, Aktion Unit, and Microvom from Melbourne, and the debut collaborative performances of Butler/Brennan Duo (Mitchell Brennan from Brassskulls and Fjorn Butler) and Whale Hunter (Grant Hunter from Crab Smasher and Marcus Whale of Scissor Lock). Bands will start around 3pm.

Saturday April 25
Croatian-Wickham Sports Club
Albert St Wickham

For More info contact tobagotapes@gmail.com

Static Age Festival 2009

Last year’s Static Age Festival was a wild success and this year is going to be great too. The event is to take place at the Dirty Shirlows warehouse in Marrickville on April 24 and will feature a diverse selection of challenging outsider punk/noise/drone/metal/pop/rock music, including No Anchor from Brisbane, Heil Spirits from Lismore, Aktion Unit, Cougar Flashy, and Walrora from Melbourne, Crab Smasher, and Brassskulls from Newcastle, and Moonmilk and Crux from Sydney.


Friday, April 24, 2009 at 7:00pm
Dirty Shirlows
32 Shirlow St Marrickville

More info at Last.FM