Go Genre Everything – Humans And Luxury 7″

Out now on Spanish Magic is the criminally long awaited Humans And Luxury 7″ from our favourite band in the universe, Go Genre Everything. Featuring four tracks of epic psych-space-skronk-blues-grunge-pop-hop on high quality 45RPM vinyl, this release is essential! Two of the tracks are from the Eternal Youth Carefree Cleanness album, One is from the Megalomania Concept album, and one hasn’t been released anywhere, so what a great GGE introductory package you’ll be getting when you finally ORDER HERE.

…from the badlands of Tasmania, through Melbourne share-house doors to a 7” in your hands, Go Genre Everything are an unstoppable force of nature – equal parts Crass, Tears For Fears and Luigi Russolo. A three-piece duo! Fitting we think as there are AT LEAST five pieces inside these gorgeous and ‘future’ pop songs created by Zac & Jen – ALL AT THE SAME TIME. Live, GGE are the answer to the question “whatever happened to fun?”…”humans like collecting things that match” they sing. I believe them, i truly do.

1. Humans like collecting things that match
2. I am the best (and noone is better ahahahaha)
3. Luxury Something Something
4. Glowing Light

Three bands (with an animal in their name) at Vox Cyclops

Coming up  instore at Vox Cyclops we have an animal themed mash up of noise rock with the very radical Penguins from Melbourne, as well as veteran of Vox Cyclops Cock Safari, and virgins of Vox Cyclops Crab Smasher, who are both heading to Melbourne for some shows the following week. There’s also an art show opening in the shop on this night, which will probably be a treat to see also.

7pm Feb 5
515 Hunter Street Newcastle

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Vox Cyclops

Some of our buddies in the Spanish Magic crew have been slowly working away at one of the most eagerly anticipated of the Renew Newcastle projects, a music/art/junk shop called Vox Cyclops. With Yvonne Ruve coming to an end soon, what better way to move on than to start a kickarse record shop in Newcastle, It’s just what this town needs! Other than The Rock Shop, which is just ridiculous(unless you want shoes or bongs), there’s only a bunch of unfriendly chain stores and the odd second hand CD shop with nothing in it. There’s nothing that caters for local artists or obscure tastes, and Newcastle certainly has a market for such a thing. Vox Cyclops plans to initially concentrate on Australian music on vinyl, cassette, CDs and CDRs, zines, books, with a view to eventually expand further abroad.
The stocklist already reads like a who’s who of the Australian underground/DIY community. In addition to stocking the Spanish Magic catalogue, you can pick up reasonably priced treats from Breakdance The Dawn, Pulled Out, We Empty Rooms, Stained Circles, Sweatlung, RIP Society, Shamefile, Tenzenmen and heaps more, plus they’re stocking our Monstera Deliciosa stuff too, which is going to be really great for us.
The shop is having a launch party tomorrow night August 14 from 7pm.

515 Hunter St

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