Reunion Sacred Ibis review at Cyclic Defrost

Reunion Sacred Ibis‘  Antikythera release on Monstera Deliciosa has been reviewed at Cyclic Defrost.

The disk is bookended by the bristling, interruption-laden ‘Pana-Wave 1’ and then ‘Pana-Wave 2’, which feels a bit more crumbling and mystical both. In between is ‘Forty Flying In Formation’, a seven-minute study in repetitive manipulations and modulations that finds an unlikely nest of melody and rhythm in its skewed patterns. The title track, meanwhile, is all harsh burn and gurgle, like a close-contact splash of acid. It gets pretty deep and busy before exiting in mid-throe, at times tapping an incidental bass throb and flirting with shards of what resembles channel surfing.

Read the full review here.

Antikythera is available now. Order here.

Reunion Sacred Ibis “Antikythera” CDR launch

Pop into the ARThive Gallery in Newcastle tomorrow afternoon to catch the incredible Reunion Sacred Ibis who will finally launch his Antikythera mini-CDR on Monstera Deliciosa. Joining him for sets of their own will be Polyfox And The Union Of The Most Ghosts, and Cock Safari. Entry by Donation.

2.30pm May 30
Level 1/111 Hunter St Newcastle.

Reunion Sacred Ibis at STUTTER

STUTTER is a weekly night of experimental/unpopular/avant-tard/acoustic/electronica/call-it-what-you-will, music and performance madness. Every Wednesday night at Horse Bazaar from 8:30pm.
On Wednesday, June 9th, you can catch three local purveyors loosely affiliated with minimal techno sounds.

Wet Patch – Sporadic no-input tag-team comprised of Jon Dale and Fjorn Butler. Both are well-seasoned sound manipulators in their own rights, this will be their second outing as a duo

Hrvatska – Born in the spiritual home land of Australian noise, the Croatian Club, Hrvatska is the aural combination of Mitchell Brennan and Lachlan Gale. Drawing influence from Japanese no input mad(wo)men, dub and everything in between, together they present an assault of electrical tom foolery.

Reunion Sacred Ibis – Elaborately named Nintendo DS venture of Cooper Bowman. RSI lands somewhere between stupid techno and stupid noise.

June 9
Horse Bazaar
397 Little Lonsdale St Melbourne

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Reunion Sacred Ibis – Antikythera

The prince of Bloop Noise is back! Antikythera is the latest release from Melbourne via Newcastle wunderkind Reunion Sacred Ibis. Armed with little more than a Nintendo DS and a distortion pedal, Reunion Sacred Ibis sticks it to the old guard of chin strokers with simple and compelling stabs of no bullshit noise. It’s not chiptune, but what is it? Refreshing! Break out the tin-foil hats.
Available now on 3″ mini CDR with cover art by Michael Liestins from Cock Safari. $6 PP

1. Pana-Wave 1
2. Forty Flying In Formation
3. Antikythera
4. Pana-Wave 2

Reunion Sacred Ibis – Live at Vox Cyclops

Here’s another great live video of Reunion Sacred Ibis aka serious sound artist Cooper Bowman, this time performing to an enthusiastic bunch of chin stroking dudes at the Vox Cyclops record store in Newcastle on Feb 21 2010. Check out Reunion Sacred Ibis on New Weird Australia vol.4 available here, the Antikythera CDR out really soon through Monstera Deliciosa, and African Goods split cassette with Royal Vomit which is out now.

Reunion Sacred Ibis at Vox Cyclops

This Sunday at Vox Cyclops Record Store in Newcastle, Reunion Sacred Ibis is coming home for a show with Wine Sleaze (feat. members of Castings), CockDriller (collaboration between Michael Liestins and Luke Hoskins), and MattCSquare (Matt from BLOCK [] in solo pop mode). It’s all happening from 2pm and entry is by donation.
Advance copies of Reunion Sacred Ibis’ upcoming 3″ on Monstera Deliciosa, ANTIKYTHERA may also be available, so bring your pocket money.

Feb 21
515 Hunter Street Newcastle

Royal Vomit/Reunion Sacred Ibis – African Goods

Royal Vomit and Reunion Sacred Ibis have a new split cassette release titled African Goods out through the WA based Moth Eaters label and Altered States. If you dig laptops sounding like frightening shit, or a Nintendo DS that sounds like piss, you should check it out. It’s $5 PPD.
email or to order.

New Weird Australia, Volume Four

Volume four of the fantastic New Weird Australia compilation series is available now! Featuring a great selection of new, weird, Australian artists, including tracks from Scissor Lock, Automating, and Reunion Sacred Ibis, whose Antikythera CDR is due out on Monstera Deliciosa very soon.

1. Textile Audio – Some Kind Of Mininova
2. Paint Your Golden Face – Television Is About Picture
3. Reunion Sacred Ibis – Sing It To The Mountains
4. Tantrums – Beat The Happy Pavement
5. Scattered Order Mk 1 – Ruined By Me
6. Alister Spence Trio– Two Halves Of The Moon
7. Scissor Lock – Codify
8. Gutter Parties – Sashi
9. No Zu – Lay Of The Land
10. The Townhouses – Jigsaws Under The Clouds
11. Seaworthy – They’re Cicadas You Know?
12. Gentleforce – Our Last Day Together
13. Gold Tango – Telescope
14. Alpen – A Meditation On Flight
15. Red_Robin – The Surveyor
16. Automating – When Use Becomes Abuse
17. Silver Bulletin – Minding Time

Compiled by Stuart Buchanan & Danny Jumpertz.
Artwork by Anna Vo

Standard Quality, 160 kbps (83 MB) | Higher Quality, 320kbps (146 MB)