Simo Soo – Simo Soo LP

Simo Soo has a brand new LP out now through Lesstalk Records and it’s called Simo Soo LP. As you’d expect from Simo Soo, this one is loaded with punchy electronic beats, dorky samples, excessive handclaps, and high energy vocal yelps, raps and screeches. This is what the new Korn album would sound like if they weren’t such whining little bitches. I put it on at my dinner party and my guests went frickin’ wild.
If you’re not sold on this already, it also features guest contributions by Marcus and Travis from Collarbones and was recorded in various locations all over the world, so you’re really getting great production value. This would make a great addition to your itunes library. There’s an official album launch at Blackwire Records in Sydney on October 21, be there of be square.

Simo Soo – Dragon Lady, Dragon Boy

Simo Soo has a new single out from his new LP out next month on Lesstalk Records. It features Marcus Whale from Scissor Lock and Collarbones on guest vox, so you know it’s heaps good, plus there’s a Black Flag cover and some remixes too. It’s free!

Spring Break in March @ The Croatian Club

Wednesday nights at The Croatian Wickham Sports Club in Newcastle have got even better, look at this awesome lineup of bands playing free Spring Break! shows this month at the best venue in Newcastle. All shows start from 9m, are free entry, and will also feature rubbish DJs.

Starting tonight March 2nd we have The Nugs, and Sweet Teeth. I haven’t seen The Nugs but think Sweet Teeth are really rad. Here’s the official word on the subject.

The Nugs are a bunch of stoners that make the best 60’s garage/70’s punk influenced rock around, and Sweet Teeth are a pop band made up of members of the temperamental pocket, crab smasher, origami girls, etc.

Next week Bat Yoghurt and Troopin’ Kerry Alpacas will have you dancing. I saw Bat Yoghurt live at ARThive for the first time the other night. They’re really awesome.

Join ex Athol math-genius A. Browning’s solo project for the best part of a decade and now full fleshed out three-piece band playing tunes reminiscent of Arab on Radar, Lightning Bolt, Get Hustle and Bad Brains, along with Robert from Bare Grillz’ drums, looping and guitar fucked-pop solo efforts as Troopin’ Kerry Alpacas. Can I borrow a feeling?

The Following Week March 16 is Mere Women and Lenin Lennon. Mere Women are really good eh?

Sydney’s Mere Women are a three piece made up of members of Ohana, The Thaw and Little A… and sound pretty much exactly what you’d expect from a pairing like that. Brooding, slicing guitar riffs, ambient synth interludes and emphatic vocals, bits of math and tribal rhythms… joined by Lenin Lennon, (members of Bare Grillz, Joe Pesci, Honest Thieves), who do a rumbley version of 90’s ebullition/dischord style punk

Then on March 23 there is Unity Floors and Polyfox And The Union Of The Most Ghosts. What a cool show!

Total wet-dream of a show. When Unity Floors popped up out of Sydney everyone pretty much breathed a sigh of relief. There’s been a massive void there waiting to be filled by a good 90’s-ish Dinosaur Jr/Archers of Loaf/Sebadoh/Pavement/Flying Nun-esque band. We’re stoked to present their first show in Newcastle, and to be pairing them with Crab Smasher’s Nick French in his Polyfox mode, playing the best indie pop to come out of Newcastle (cough… umina), well, ever. For fans of The Go Betweens and Flying Nun bands, yeah?


Finally on March 30 we have Collarbones and Scalps. You’ve probably heard about Collarbones already on blogs that are much more cool and hip than this one will ever be, or even heard their sweet glitchy R&B jamz on Triple J if you can bring yourself to listen to the radio. Anyway they’re super neat. Scalps is always pretty good too. I think I have an extra copy of the long out-of-print Scalps NNUUMMBBEERR22 release if anybody wants it. It will have to go at a premium price mind you.

Collarbones started as an internet collab between Marcus Whale in Sydney and Travis Cook in Adelaide. Their dense, spacey, dancey, r+b influenced fuzzed out jams might be chillwave? Fuck. Anyway, people gave a shit, for instance folks like Pitchfork and Rose Quartz, which may or may not have played a part in influencing these two make the effort to fly halfway across the country to play shows together a few times a year. Yeah? They were here for Sound Summit/TINA last year, but don’t feel spoiled and skip this one, it’s a special treat probably not to be repeated soon. Also a treat, perhaps, Chris “Alps” Hearn’s minimal tech/improv fucked dance music side project “Scalps” will be giving a rare performance… Scalps has been around as long as Alps (six years?) but perhaps only played live about five times. The third Scalps release is out now on Jase Campbell’s Estapes label and if you ask him nicely he might hook you up with one of the last copies of the pressing.


New Weird Australia:Broadcast Two

New Weird Australia broadcasts weekly on Sydney’s FBi Radio – playing two hours of new, experimental and ecelctic Australian music. The show features regular guest performances, playing exclusive in-studio sessions – many of which are previously unreleased. This free download collects together twelve of these exclusive tracks from Danger Beach, Collarbones, Ghost_, Blake Freele, Dual Uzis (feat, members of The Splinter Orchestra, Nhomea, Seeake and Ghoul), Raven, Nhomea, Kate Carr, Actual Russian Brides, Crab Smasher and Forenzics.

New Weird Australia, Broadcast Two, NWAB002


1. DANGER BEACH, Lakes (feat. Tv Colours) (2:10)
2. COLLARBONES, I Sea A Wolf (Psuche Cover) (3:06)
3. GHOST_, Seqe (feat. Black Pyramid) (6:30)
4. BLAKE FREELE, Bitter Springs Formation (12:19)
5. DUAL UZIS, Quick Draw (11:53)
6. RAVEN, It’s Too Fucking Hot But We’ve Still Got Melody (5:10)
7. NHOMEA, Jam @ FBi (9:23)
8. KATE CARR, From These Dreams A Boat (5:09)
9. ACTUAL RUSSIAN BRIDES, Sun Shadow Analysis (4:42)
10. CRAB SMASHER, Card Shark (2:55)
11. FORENZICS, Untitled (Two) (6:25)
12. GHOST_, Outro (feat. Black Pyramid) (2:36)

All recordings previously unreleased.
Originally performed & broadcast live on New Weird Australia on FBi Radio.
Stream FBi Radio at, or listen in Sydney in 94.5FM.
‘New Weird Australia’ broadcasts every Thursday at 9pm (Aus EST).

Compiled by Stuart Buchanan.
Artwork by Heath Killen,
All music donated by the artists for use in this compilation only, all rights reserved.

New Weird Australia is a not-for-profit initiative designed to promote and support new eclectic and experimental Australian music. Our current projects include a series of artist releases on our ‘New Editions’ label, a free download compilation series, a weekly show on Sydney’s FBi Radio and an irregular program of live events. Contributions from Australian artists are welcomed and encouraged.

Collarbones – Kill Off The Vowels

Collarbones is an electronic pop collaboration between Marcus Whale (Scissor Lock) from Sydney and Travis Cook (Cyst Impaled) from Adelaide. Their last release Waiting For The Ghosts was one of the best things we heard last year, so we’re very excited that they have released a new online single, with an album due some time later this year. Click.

Whale & Thorn launch new CD-R

In June 2009, Oscar Vincente Slorach-Thorn (Psuche) and Marcus Whale (Scissor Lock, Collarbones), followed up a brief collaborative 3 inch CD from January with a low-key live performance, in the tiny foyer of record store and gallery Sunshine and Grease, surrounded by amps, mixers, loop pedals, dictaphones, microphones and a laptop.

This Monday 11th January, the result of this second collaboration will be launched as a CD-R at The Empress Hotel, with support from Melbourne looptastic duo ii, whose spectacular 2008 debut album Landlakes continues to be ample fodder for press releases.

8.30pm, 11 Jan
The Empress Hotel, Melbourne

Facebook Event

Collarbones – Waiting For The Ghosts

Collarbones is a cut-and-paste collaboration between Marcus Whale and Travis Cook.
They have released a free EP titled Waiting For The Ghosts, and I strongly urge that you download it, for it is really stunning stuff. The title track is made up almost entirely of samples from Bjork’s Vespertine album, giving it an eery familiarity, but this sounds entirely new and amazingly pretty! The Bjork influence carries over to the following tracks, with glitchy samples and heavy beats recalling her work on Homogenic and Volta.
Perhaps what really carries this EP is the delicate vocals of Marcus Whale, soaring here like never before. Each track here is a refined pop composition, much less exploratory than his work as Scissor Lock, but no less challenging.  Download this. It’s amazing.

1. Waiting for the Ghosts
2. Dismantle
3. Paper Dolls
4. Weatherman
5. Voltaire