N. Martin – Clean & Jerk

N. Martin has released a solo EP of pop/lo-fi DIY introverted folk music. Recorded in the bathroom at Fay St Lake Munmorah one chilly weekend, this guy is renowned for penning and recording his music/ideas quickly so not to let them grow stale and irrelevant. N. Martin is the Lesstalk staple for great and interesting songwriting and releases (e.g. The (temperamental) Pocket, Crab Smasher, Skippy The Bush Kangaroo, Sweet Teeth) , and this EP is another release he can add to the quiver of radness. Offered only as a free digital release for you to download, then put on your iPod and listen to while catching public transport to work in the morning.


Sweet Teeth – Randy Irons

Nathan Martin is in Anal Discharge, Crab Smasher, Polyfox And The Union Of The Most Ghosts, Skippy The Bush Kangaroo, Tearjerker, Good For Nothing, and The (Temperamental) Pocket. David Smith is in Skippy The Bush Kangaroo, The (temperamental) Pocket, and Handsome. Marnie Vaughn is in Crab Smasher, Origami Girls, and Skoll Hops. Together; Nathan, David, and Marnie have a new band called Sweet Teeth. Here is a video of them playing live at Spring Break! at The Croatian Wickham Sports Club, Newcastle.

The (temperamental) Locket – South Coast Tour

Jess Locke (Origami Girls, Birdlife) and Nathan Martin (The Temperamental Pocket, Crab Smasher, Anal  Discharge, Sweet Teeth, Polyfox And  The Union Of The Most Ghosts, Tearjerker) are happy to announce they are having a baby. A musical baby! The happy couple are due to release their new split album, The (temperamental) Locket, and to celebrate, will be setting off on a small beach tour in December. Read full gig info here. Preorder the split here.

Friday 3rd December 2010
Alexandria – Ponymilk (Poetry and Music)
w/Greg McClaren, Fiona Wright, Lucy Hearn

Saturday 4th Dec
Petersham – Summer Sessions #1
w/ Zounds, Johnny Optional, Chris Bourke

Thursday 9th December 2010
Parramatta – Beatdisc Records

Friday 10th December 2010
Nowra – Tea Club
w/ Bird Vs Cage

Saturday 11th December 2010

Sunday 12th December 2010
Batemans Bay – North St Café

Monday 13th December 2010
Batemans Bay – North St Café

Friday 17th December 2010
Chain Valley Bay
w/Mushroom Family

Saturday 18th December (Jess Locke Solo)
Newcastle – Bird in the Hand Zine Shop
w/Mike McCarthy


Mushroom Family – Can I Please Have More, Please!

Mushroom Family is a rad little bedroom folk/pop project by Sharnayla Page that has been floating about for the past year or two, popping up for the occasional house show or party. Her debut EP Can I Please Have More, Please! is out now from Lesstalk Records in CDR or digital formats, and it consists of 4 yummy songs including guest contributions from Nathan Martin from Crab Smasher, Anal Discharge, The (Temperamental) Pocket and others. Check it out.

Artless Armchair 6

Our pals at Lesstalk Records are gearing up for the biggest Artless Armchair event yet! What originally started as a bunch of friends playing acoustic guitars on a blanket  in a local park has now developed into a massive 2 day DIY festival set on 25 acres of secluded farmland overlooking the hills of Bungwahl, a 5 hour drive north of Sydney.

The lineup includes Mushroom Family, Quiet Steps, Handsome, Crab Smasher, Michael Crafter, Pop Singles, TearJerker, Zounds, Omerta, Nice Guys, Edwin Montgomery, Tumors, Hira Hira, Penguins, To The North, The (Temperamental) Pocket, The Origami Girls + Craftanoon Club, The Brutal Poodles, Virginia Sook, Fairy Mountain, Nick Van Breda, Lobster Face, Jess Locke, Matt Spinelli, Little A, Simo Soo, and the long awaited return of Anal Discharge.

It’s all happening on the October 22 weekend, camping facilities will be available and tickets are $18.
For full event details and to order tickets online, head to http://www.lesstalkrecords.com/artless

Here is a video of The (Temperamental) Pocket at Artless Armchair #1.

Here is a video of Crab Smasher at Artless Armchair #3.

Here is a video of The Brutal Poodles at Artless Armchair #5.

Terrordactyl & Hira Hira NSW tour

As a part of the release of their new EP will eat your soul, Terrordactyl  are touring with Hira Hira, playing shows over 3 nights in Sydney, Newcastle and the Central Coast with various guests including The (temperamental) Pocket, Little A, Pockets, Skippy The Bush Kangaroo, Eyes Of The Scavenger, and Crab Smasher.

Thursday Sept 10
The Landsdowne Hotel Sydney

Friday Sept 11
Hamilton Station Hotel Newcastle

Saturday Sept 12
Chilli Lounge Wyong


Anal Discharge – Death To False Grind

Anal Discharge
were a grindcore/pop-punk comedy act based on the NSW Central Coast and active between 2006-2008. The lineup consisted of Matthew Vaughn, Nathan Martin, Grant Hunter, and Jeffrey Brown, who have all since been involved with The (Temperamental) Pocket, Crab Smasher, and various other projects. To Celebrate the one year anniversary of the final Anal Discharge gig, we have a new download available, an unreleased desk recording from a poorly attended 2007 show at the Lucky Country Hotel in Newcastle.

1. Intro
2. Smoking Rat With The Straighty One Eighties
3. Beer Wench
4. Spirit Of Cock Whore Past
5. Folsom Prison Blues
6. Rancid Sucks (And The Clash Sucked Too)
7. Fat Black Abo
8. You’re A Cop
9. Grazed Knob
10. If God Invented Head He Must Be Really Good At It
11. Skate Or Die
12. xGAYx
13. Raping The Bud
14. AFD



The (Temperamental) Pocket Winter Warmer Tour

The (Temperamental) Pocket is a 6 piece folk/pop band led by Nathan Martin, who also performs in Crab Smasher, Anal Discharge, and Skippy The Bush Kangaroo. They are currently working on a new album, and have a few CDRs and a 7″ out through Lesstalk Records. They are about to embark on their most ambitious tour to date, touring the South Coast for the first time with new labelmate Zounds.

Thursday 11th June – Front Bar Cafe
7pm 1-2 Wattle St, Lyneham
w/ The Sleeves, The Eastern Seaboard

Friday 12th June – El Joyero Cafe
7pm 923 High St, Thornbury
w/ Jamie Hay, Darren Gibson

Saturday 13th June – Fist 2 Face Records
12pm 20 Railway Pl, Ringwood
w/ Best Before

Saturday 13th June – Glitch Bar&Cinema
8pm 318 Georges Rd, Nth Fitzroy
w/ Spitfire Parade

Sunday 14th June – Hamilton Station Hotel
9pm 2-6 Beaumont St, Islington
w/ Jen Buxton

Thursday 18th June – Beat Disc Records
5pm 181 Church St, Parramatta
w/ Jamie Hutchings

Friday 19th June – Tea Club Cafe
7pm 46 Berry St, Nowra

Saturday 20th June – North St Cafe
7pm North St, Batemans Bay
w/ The Hold

More info