Dec 13 – Go Genre Everything + Crab Smasher + Amateur Drunks + LHI


Go Genre Everything wrap up their 2013 East Coast tour with a show at The Pharmacy in Newcastle. It’s happening Friday Dec 13 from 7:30pm with special guests Crab Smasher, Amateur Drunks, and also LHI.

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Dec 2 – Go Genre Everything/Cock Safari & Fairy Mountain/Dingbats

Goodness gracious! Go Genre Everything are touring again. Be sure to check them out in your town, they’re the greatest band this country has ever produced. If your town is Newcastle, you can see them at The Pharmacy, a fairly new venue and artspace on Maitland Road Wickham from 8pm this Friday December 2. It’s across the road from Wickham park and easy to find. Also playing will be Cock Safari & Fairy Mountain in a welterweight bout, plus Dingbats, the exciting new project by Kane Ewin from Castings. Also Go Genre Everything have a new 7″ coming out on Vacant Valley called Domestic Dreams & Robots. You can pre-order it here.

Go Genre Everything’s GELF reviewed at Cyclic Defrost

Melbourne-based electronic / acoustic duo Go Genre Everything (aka Jen Tait and Zach Von Bamburger) have previously appeared on the ‘New Weird Australia Vol.1′ compilation, and this CDR EP release on Monstera Deliciosa ‘GELF’ collects together three tracks taken from a single improvised live performance at The Cesspool in Newcastle during October 2008. Given the proximity of the date, I’m inclined to think that the TINA festival was also involved here. From the very outset, it’s certainly very difficult to pigeonhole what’s going on here, in terms of style. Spanning twenty minutes in length, the first untitled track opens amidst a vaguely psychedelic wash of what sounds like delayed-out flutes and recorder, before wandering off into menacing (and at points piercing) horror movie keys. Thankfully, things soon enter more calm waters with even the noise of squeaky toys being briefly deployed at one point, though it’s something of a false rise to the surface before things get dragged back down into menacing droning ambience, the sickly sound of slowed down orchestral tones and swelling feedback sliding against the occasional stray chime, to sinister effect.

In contrast to the childlike, playful aesthetic in evidence on the first track, the second 15 minute long track here sees things headed straight down into gritty darkness, as skittering, electronically treated rhythmic textures slowly unfurl around dark, buzzing synth drones, howling distant guitar feedback and bleeping background electronics, but in this case it’s the emergence of deliberately naively played xylophones and straining recorders towards the second half that rescues things from complete bleakness. Finally, the final track here offers something of a brief outro coda at just under three minutes in length, with its recorder duet coming across as part campfire song, part lullaby, as well as being what’s easily this EP’s most immediately accessible and ‘coherent’ moment. There’s certainly traces of the Lucky Dragons’ improvisational performance approach to be found here, but with the three live tracks here Go Genre Everything succeed in existing in a zone of their own No Wave meets drone / psyche /noise making.

Chris Downton

Read the review at Cyclic Defrost.
GELF is available to buy here.

Go Genre Everything – Humans And Luxury 7″

Out now on Spanish Magic is the criminally long awaited Humans And Luxury 7″ from our favourite band in the universe, Go Genre Everything. Featuring four tracks of epic psych-space-skronk-blues-grunge-pop-hop on high quality 45RPM vinyl, this release is essential! Two of the tracks are from the Eternal Youth Carefree Cleanness album, One is from the Megalomania Concept album, and one hasn’t been released anywhere, so what a great GGE introductory package you’ll be getting when you finally ORDER HERE.

…from the badlands of Tasmania, through Melbourne share-house doors to a 7” in your hands, Go Genre Everything are an unstoppable force of nature – equal parts Crass, Tears For Fears and Luigi Russolo. A three-piece duo! Fitting we think as there are AT LEAST five pieces inside these gorgeous and ‘future’ pop songs created by Zac & Jen – ALL AT THE SAME TIME. Live, GGE are the answer to the question “whatever happened to fun?”…”humans like collecting things that match” they sing. I believe them, i truly do.

1. Humans like collecting things that match
2. I am the best (and noone is better ahahahaha)
3. Luxury Something Something
4. Glowing Light

Michael Crafter East Coast Tour

Supporting their new D.Y Or Die EP, nice guy power-punk duo Michael Crafter are touring Australia’s East Coast in April and May. Of course you should know that this band includes Matheson Vaughn from Anal Discharge, so things are bound to get a little bit hairy.

Thursday April 1st
House Show – Albury
w/Nothin Suss

Friday April 2nd
Such Is Life Fest – Truganina
w/Teargas, Insurgents, Mongolia, Deathcage and more

Saturday April 3rd
Penguin house – Richmond
w/Penguins, Go Genre Everything

Sunday April 4th
Pony – Melbourne
w/Penguins, Quiet The Few

Wednesday April 7th
Hamilton Station Hotel – Newcastle
w/Grannyfist, Cunt Butcher, Scabduty At The Deathcamp

Friday 9th April
Tanja Hall – Tanja
w/Hira Hira, Little A, Totally Unicorn, Let me down gently jungle man

Saturday 10th April
North St Cafe – Batemans Bay
w/Hira Hira, Little A, Totally Unicorn

Thursday 15th April
Hot Damn! – Sydney
w/Word Up!

Sunday 18th April
ARTHive Cuddle Party – Newcastle
w/Hira Hira, Little A, Origami Girls + heaps more

Friday 21st May
House Show – Brisbane

Saturday 22nd May
Strippers and metal – Brisbane
w/The Downgoing, Grannyfist

All Pet Enclosures – New Kid On The Block

Here’s a live clip of All Pet Enclosures, a new band featuring Marc Regueiro-McKelvie of Popolice. Here they are performing at the amazing Go Genre Everything Eternal Youth Carefree Cleanness launch happening which took place over the weekend. They were super good, and as i understand it they have a CD coming out on Special Award Records soon.

Go Genre Everything – Gelf

It has been a long time coming, but the latest release from the Monstera Deliciosa bedroom record label is out now! We’re very excited to announce that you can now order MNSTRDLCS008, a bizarro CDR of Go Genre Everything performing at The Cesspool in October 2008 called GELF.
consists of an improvised soundscape of slowburn foist gonk in three parts, “recorded in one session in a space between going from here to there quite quickly, and GGE hope to do it many more times with each passing year of travel into the centralnortheast of the australic continent.”

One of the Elements of life is improvisation. What is improvisation as compared to other forms of activity?
Is improvisation definitely a display of conscious action? How does improvisation compare to ritual action? what about the day to day things which people do? Are we improvising when we decide to go and find something to eat in an unfamiliar enviroment?

There are many ways to make improvised music, and there are many ritualistic methods of improvisation, defined by tradition and design. How do the different methods compare and how many of these methods are methods which have not been discussed or discovered?

For all you noobs out there, Go Genre Everything are the bonkers duo of soulmates Jen Tait and Zach Von Bamberger currently based in Melbourne Australia. They’re one of the most amazingly eccentric and just mindblowingly catchy psychedelic rock bands around, and as far as we’re concerned, one of this country’s most underrated treasures.
Subscribe at for access to an enormous archive of free lossless quality music, subsidised CDs and merchandise, and other top secret member benefits. Also look out for their Eternal Youth Carefree Cleanness album and Humans And Luxury 7″ due out soon. Gelf is available from the paypal link below for $10 including postage, and will be available at selected independent retailers soon.

1 Gelf 1
2 Gelf 2
3 Gelf 3

New Weird Australia, Broadcast One

New Weird Australia have just released another great new free compilation, this time featuring  some of the great studio recordings from the NWA radio show every Thursday at 9pm on fBi. There’s 7 tracks, including appearances from our own Scissor Lock, and Go Genre Everything.

Since August 2009, New Weird Australia has been broadcasting weekly on Sydney’s FBi Radio – playing two hours of new, experimental and ecelctic Australian music, from over 300 artists to date. NWA also features regular guest performances, playing exclusive in-studio sessions – many of which are previously unreleased.

1. Morning Stalker – The Bohemian Grove
2. Cleptoclectics – Mr Convex
3. Scissor Lock – Out By Holy Land (Scissor Lock vs Pimmon vs Scissor Lock Remix)
4.  Go Genre Everything – Livetoair17sep2009 (Showw)
5. Random Acts Of Elevator Music – Lunchtime Meditation Session
6. AFXJIM – The Chris Jericho Diaries
7. The Ghost Of 29 Megacycles – Leelo (Part 1)