Edwin Montgomery – Please Be Quiet And Play Your Guitar, Vol.1

Out now on Monstera Deliciosa is a new album from Sydney based composer Edwin Montgomery. It’s called Please Be Quiet And Play Your Guitar, Vol. 1 and it consists of 14 tracks of loopy Guitar based recordings, subtle drones, shifting moods, and delicate sound textures. Great for zoning out in the bath with your head under the water. For fans of Australian contemporaries Scissor Lock, and Seaworthy. CDR $8 PP

1. Tuesday, 3.30pm
2. Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt
3. I wish I was staying tonight again
4. Dust
5. Do you remember?
6. Falling asleep on the floor
7. Mysterious Corridor
8. Through the dark
9. 2:00am Tarkovsky
10. It’s raining now
11. Klaus Kinski
12. The return
13. The last night
14. Forever

New Weird Australia, Volume Four

Volume four of the fantastic New Weird Australia compilation series is available now! Featuring a great selection of new, weird, Australian artists, including tracks from Scissor Lock, Automating, and Reunion Sacred Ibis, whose Antikythera CDR is due out on Monstera Deliciosa very soon.

1. Textile Audio – Some Kind Of Mininova
2. Paint Your Golden Face – Television Is About Picture
3. Reunion Sacred Ibis – Sing It To The Mountains
4. Tantrums – Beat The Happy Pavement
5. Scattered Order Mk 1 – Ruined By Me
6. Alister Spence Trio– Two Halves Of The Moon
7. Scissor Lock – Codify
8. Gutter Parties – Sashi
9. No Zu – Lay Of The Land
10. The Townhouses – Jigsaws Under The Clouds
11. Seaworthy – They’re Cicadas You Know?
12. Gentleforce – Our Last Day Together
13. Gold Tango – Telescope
14. Alpen – A Meditation On Flight
15. Red_Robin – The Surveyor
16. Automating – When Use Becomes Abuse
17. Silver Bulletin – Minding Time

Compiled by Stuart Buchanan & Danny Jumpertz.
Artwork by Anna Vo

Standard Quality, 160 kbps (83 MB) | Higher Quality, 320kbps (146 MB)

An Afternoon at The Croatian Club

Saturday April 25 will see an eclectic assortment of experimental musicians perform at the famous Croatian Club in Newcastle. Be sure to catch the epic guitar and insect sound scapes of Seaworthy from Sydney, whose new album 1897 is out on 12k
Also appearing will be Heil Spirits from Lismore, Aktion Unit, and Microvom from Melbourne, and the debut collaborative performances of Butler/Brennan Duo (Mitchell Brennan from Brassskulls and Fjorn Butler) and Whale Hunter (Grant Hunter from Crab Smasher and Marcus Whale of Scissor Lock). Bands will start around 3pm.

Saturday April 25
Croatian-Wickham Sports Club
Albert St Wickham

For More info contact tobagotapes@gmail.com