Crab Smasher – The Doctor Is In… Over His Head

It’s finally here! Crab Smasher have a new mini CD out on Marcus Whale’s fantastic CURT label. This release includes three folky droney improvised tracks recorded in a Sydney studio back in July 2009, and is packaged with some stunning cover art from Elizabeth Nagy. There are only 60 copies available so be sure to grab one quick! You can order the CDR from the CURT website for $7 pp worldwide, or sneak a digital copy from Crab Smasher’s bandcamp site. There’s a triple launch show happening this Sunday April 4 with Raven, and Infinite Decimals, who have new releases out also. It’s at 475 King Street Newtown from 4pm.

From A Dark Place

There’s a massive group art show opening this Wednesday from 6.30pm at Little Fish Gallery in Newtown. Featuring works from nearly 30 different artists, including Eli Partridge, Grant Hunter, Fjorn Butler, Stephanie Cola, Anna Vo, and Elizabeth Nagy. All proceeds from art and snacks sold will go to Rape Crisis NSW, with fundraising aimed at a new peer support group for 12-16 year old survivors of sexual assault. Come along and support a good cause!

Exhibition Dates March 3-7
LITTLE FISH gallery, 22 enmore rd Newtown

Crab Smasher – Little Fingers

Crab Smasher have some new music due out soon, a 3 track mini-CDR out on the CURT label titled The Doctor Is In… Over His Head. Consisting of three improvised tracks recorded one hectic July afternoon in 2009 at SAE Studios Sydney, and featuring gorgeous cover artwork by Elizabeth Nagy, this will be one to get hold of, it will only be available in a limited edition of 70 copies. The CD is due out in March, and will be launched at a series of shows with Sydney’s Raven, who is launching a CDR on CURT also. Here is a sneak peek, a delightful song called Little Fingers.

Tyrannosaurus Rex

Tyrannosaurus Rex is a fun new group exhibition of dinosaur themed artworks curated by Grant Hunter. There will be a wide variety of crazy art on display, including works in illustration, painting, printmaking, sculpture, photography, sound, and video. The artists involved with the show include a number of super musical celebrities, such as Eli Partridge from Heil Spirits, Kell Derrig-Hall from Moonmilk, Jen Tait from Go Genre Everything, Mike Foxall From Nancy Vandal, Sam Witek from Radiation Nation, Elizabeth Nagy of Young Lions, Kalindy Williams from Le Paper Dolls, Steph Cola from The Diamond Sea, and quite a bit more.

Opening Night music performances by Simo Soo and Cock Safari.

Opening 6pm Sept 12
ARThive Gallery
Level 1/111 Hunter St Newcastle