Brassskulls reviewed at Foxy Digitalis

Donning drugged faces and drinks in the inlay photo and thinking up track titles like “Semen Through the Hourglass” or “3 Drink Power Lunch with Joseph Hazelwood”, Brassskulls from Australia aren’t exactly your grandfather’s industrial noise band. In fact, I’m not even sure the band still exists as their myspace talks about Coq Safari, “previously known as Brassskulls”. If they really have disbanded, this cdr is already an archival document. It contains the two first Brassskulls cdrs and a live recording as a bonus track. It’s been out for a while already but seems to be still available from the Australian label (or their affiliated distro).

So how did Brassskulls sound? Despite everything abound them suggesting musical one-liners, “Skullduggery” is actually a collection of very atmospheric, dark industrial tracks. When I first put on the cd, I thought it was still the “Lost” dvd which I had been watching before. The plane crash, of course. Desperate screams, screeching metal, (sampled) words abjectly spoken. That was “Career Path”, the first track on a cd that is almost unbearable, but in a good way. My favourite track is that “3 Drink Power Lunch with Joseph Hazelwood” already mentioned, which gradually loops up into a mindblowing wall of Neil Youngish “Dead Man” guitar buzz. Three guys to watch, I’d say. But come on – Coq Safari?
7/10 — Jan-Arne Sohns (20 May, 2009)


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