Bummer Vibes Festival

Spring Break presents BUMMER VIBES FESTIVAL at The Croatian Club this Saturday February 18.

Summer Vibes Festival | 16 January 2011 | Newcastle Australia

Last year there was a festival called Summer Vibes. It was awesome. I can’t do it again. I wanted to briefly, but realised that anything and everything would just be shit after it. I also went to a few other festivals and checked out a few other festival lineups, and realised that shit is the new black, so I guess you can’t get too bummed about this. It’s not that the lineup is bad, it’s just not that great. It will probably rain, too. This is Bummer Vibes. February 18, Croatian Club Newcastle.

Tickets are going on sale probably by the end of the week at oztix probably if I can be bothered filling out another email attachment and sending it to them, and I guess they’ll send some tickets down to Newcastle and we’ll put them at the Croatian Club and Emma Soup and maybe somewhere else for $10…

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Summer Vibes Festival



Circle Pit, Absolute Boys, Per Purpose, Danger Beach, Cured Pink, Teen Ax, The Paul Kidney Experience, Love Parade, None Music, Cistern Corrupt, Unfit For Human Consumption, Thee Oh Sees, Straight Arrows, Kitchen’s Floor, Kirin J Callinan, Total Control, Bare Grillz, Horse Macgyver, Alps, Stitched Vision, Assassins 88, In The Dollhouse, The Nugs, Paul Heslin, Polyfox And The Union Of The Most Ghosts.


more info at http://www.summervibes.org


Kitchen’s Floor 7″ Launch Tour

Super great band from Brisbane Kitchen’s Floor are going on tour to support their new 7″ which is called Regrets and features three new tracks of down-in-the-dumpster pop bliss. It’s out through R.I.P SOCIETY Records.


Feb 26th – Supermild w/ Hit the Jackpot + Bitch Prefect
Feb 27th – Format Festival w/ Batrider, Terrible Truths, Almost Numan


Mar 3rd – Horse Bazaar (Stutter) w/ Sharpie Crows + Parading
Mar 4th – Bar Open w/ Pop Singles + Francis Plagne


Mar 5th – Houseshow (TBA)
Mar 6th – Brisbane Hotel w/ Ivy St. + Paint your Golden Face + Caught Ship


Mar 13th – The Hangar w/ Paint your Golden Face

Sydney launch TBA.

Kitchen’s Floor – Kitchen’s Floor

Kitchen’s Floor have kindly offered up their 2008 debut EP for free download. I think it’s out of print now, so if you missed out on this, be sure to put it on your iPod or whatever and give it a play. Kitchen’s Floor here are Matt Kennedy (ex Look!Pond, French Horns, Minx), and Julia Norris. I love the shabby nylon string acoustic guitar plus saucepan drums bedroom version of Kitchen’s Floor that appears here so much more than the current distorto rock & roll lineup, but that’s just my opinion man. All of the songs from the EP would later reappear in electrified versions on the Loneliness is a Dirty Mattress album available from RIP Society, but the original recordings are so much more fun. Check it out.

1. Deadshits
2. Dishes
3. Left
4. Downed It
5. Ground


Polyfox and The Union Of The Most Ghosts video at Eternal Soundcheck

Matt from Kitchen’s Floor has established a neat new video blog called Eternal Soundcheck. Check it out. It’s fairly new but there is already a bunch of great stuff on there. He’s just posted a video of Polyfox and The Union Of The Most Ghosts playing Hang by a thread at a houseshow last night with guest bassist Zac from Whyte Lightning. Radical.

Polyfox And The Union Of The Most Ghosts QLD Tour

Polyfox And The Union Of The Most Ghosts will make his first appearances in Queensland this week, with a number of top secret house shows lined up, and a neat looking show at a venue called Book Nook with Anna Vo, our good buddy Drea’s amazing Brutal Hate Mosh project, master instrument builder and just absolutely awesome sound wizard Ross Manning, and The Dead Notes. We’re just about to launch a CDR version of his The Union Of The Most Ghosts release, so keep your eyes peeled all you cassette haters out there. 

Sept 2nd
Book Nook
173 Boundary St West End

He is also playing a house show at Drea, Mark, and Emily’s house on Friday Sept 4 with Anna Vo, Whyte Lightning, Kitchen’s Floor, Gerald Keaney and The Gerald Keaneys, and Bloody Roo. For address details email brutalhatemoshpr.katemoss@gmail.com

Kitchen’s Floor tour

Kitchen’s Floor are one of our very favourite bands from Queensland, featuring the wonderful Matt Kennedy of Look!Pond and French Horns. They’re coming down south for a few shows in support of their new CD entitled Loneliness is a Dirty Mattress, which is out on R.I.P Society Records. Also touring and playing selected shows is the awesomely brilliant Blank Realm, and Alps Of New South Wales is launching a new CD too. We haven’t heard it, but assuming it contains some of his recent live material it’s probably really good. If you get a chance be sure to check out one of these shows.

Friday 14th August
Croatian Wickham Sports Club Newcastle
Kitchen’s Floor
Alps Of New South Wales

Polyfox And The Union Of The Most Ghosts
Rainbow Ride

Saturday 15th August
Glengarry Hotel Sydney
Kitchen’s Floor
Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys
Royal Headache

Saturday 15th August
Naked On The Vague
Alps Of  New South Wales

Blank Realm
Wasted Truth
Ghosts Of Television

Kitchen’s Floor
Astral Kaleidoscope

Sunday 16th August
Locksmith Gallery Alexandria
Blank Realm
Kitchen’s Floor

Family Jewels