Bummer Vibes Festival

Spring Break presents BUMMER VIBES FESTIVAL at The Croatian Club this Saturday February 18.

Summer Vibes Festival | 16 January 2011 | Newcastle Australia

Last year there was a festival called Summer Vibes. It was awesome. I can’t do it again. I wanted to briefly, but realised that anything and everything would just be shit after it. I also went to a few other festivals and checked out a few other festival lineups, and realised that shit is the new black, so I guess you can’t get too bummed about this. It’s not that the lineup is bad, it’s just not that great. It will probably rain, too. This is Bummer Vibes. February 18, Croatian Club Newcastle.

Tickets are going on sale probably by the end of the week at oztix probably if I can be bothered filling out another email attachment and sending it to them, and I guess they’ll send some tickets down to Newcastle and we’ll put them at the Croatian Club and Emma Soup and maybe somewhere else for $10…

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