Crab Smasher – SCUM PUZZLE

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Crab Smasher have a new album out titled SCUM PUZZLE. It consists of 60 minutes of improvised music recorded live at Islington Pharmacy on 04/09/2013. It is available on cassette through Newcastle label Grog Pappy for $6.00 including shipping.

To order email/paypal: grogpappy(at)



Cock Safari & Polyfox – Happy Valentines Day

Cock Safari and Polyfox have teamed up together for a new cassette titled Happy Valentines. It’s out through now through Grog Pappy so email grogpappy(at) to get yours. Here is what you might expect.

Cock ‘n Fox play all the different pieces of equipment they can find in a 3×5 meter room with a ditty of a duet at the end of the cassette