Crab Smasher – Thick Mosquito Sky

This C46 masterwork consists of a diverse selection of  improvised tracks culled from two separate live recording sessions in 2009. As is pretty typical of the band, here the confident and experienced super-quartet of Grant Hunter, Nicholas French, Marnie Vaughn, and Nathan Martin cover a broad spectrum of bizarro audio territory, exploring  everything from synthy-grindcore mania, electro pop blippertrons, classic rock jams, ambient drone snoozesfests, and scummy noise clunkeramas. Limited to just 60 cassette copies with hand screened inserts by artist Sarah Mould. Cassette

1. the dancing girl and the burning town
2. europa
3. deep water attack
4. digging a hole in a dried up lake
5. spaghetti helmet
6. the ice
7. separated by the distance of oceans
8. snakes in the grass
9. the science of running really fast
10. battle of the bands


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