Polyfox And The Union Of The Most Ghosts – The Garden Of Cracking Stockwhips

The latest Polyfox And The Union Of The Most Ghosts CDR which is called The Garden Of Cracking Stockwhips and consists of unreleased material from the shelved split 12″ originally scheduled for release on Bedroom Suck. Thankfully it has finally been made available from another fantastic Brisbane label which is called Unique Beautiful Flowers and is run by Adam Rogers, who went to great lengths to save these lost songs from complete doom. You can also download or stream a digital copy from the Polyfox bandcamp site.
Here is what Nick French has to say about it.

This (album) was going to be released at some point last year as a split with the Harpy Choir (QLD) though due to various circumstances never happened.
It was recorded on a broken 4 track that was essentially a 3 track when I was attempting to use it.
Most of the tracks were recorded at my house in Umina except for ’50 years of pens’ which was recorded on my cousin’s piano in Brisbane and ‘Digital sunbeam’ which was recorded in Newcastle. The latter was more of an experiment in recording levels than a song and was never really intended to be included on the split. The Weather was also never really intended to be on the split and an older version appears on the ‘Paintbat flies into carrot fields’ collection. These songs will both be included here as ‘flesher-out-erers’ or indispensable additions to the character and fullness of this album.
Also worth mentioning is that if you are at all familiar with what Polyfox is doing now, you might be astonished to find that this sounds like some dude recorded it alone in his bedroom with his clothes all in loose piles and his CDs all in their wrong cases and not like the ‘rock’ band you saw at the Croat. This is because these recordings pre date the band and pretty much serve to give the listener an idea of what happened in between the dreamier/stoneder Polyfox of 2008 and the what it seems to be now. If you are unfamiliar with what Polyfox are doing now then you may disregard this paragraph completely.
One last thing: A label called ‘Unique Beautiful Flowers’ has put this out and have physical copies available for those interested in tangible items. It is ‘UBF007’


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