Crab Smasher review in Negative Guest List Zine

There’s a review of Crab Smasher‘s Thick Mosquito Sky cassette in issue seventeen of the Negative Guest List zine which comes out of Brisbane and is the best music publication ever.

Since their formation as a solely noise/drone duo in 2002, Crab
Smasher have released a bucket bong full of tapes and CD-R’s. In the
last few years their membership has swelled to include two more
characters, evolving into a band that sounds like they play songs.
Real songs. The improvised recordings on offer here chiefly combine
elements of psych and pop, while still maintaining their familiar
noisy approach. Thick Mosquito Sky lurches into life with the densely
layered “The Dancing Girl And The Burning Town”, before breaking into
the great, almost J Div sounding, post-punk jam, “Europa”.  Much of
the second side of Thick Mosquito Sky approaches the same kind of
space-cadet rock that Blank Realm have been leaking out for the last
coupla years. The tracks move from detached ambience into shambolic,
blown-out rock before the side concludes.

This is the best release I’ve heard from Crab Smasher so far, apart
from 2007’s Impossible Monsters 3” (recently re-released). This is
recommended for fans of all things New, Weird and Australian.

Cassettes and downloads still available here.


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