Crab Smasher reviewed at Cyclic Defrost

There is a nice little review of Crab Smasher‘s Thick Mosquito Sky cassette over at Cyclic Defrost.

Wielding guitar, bass, drums, synths, and sampler, the band kicks off Thick Mosquito Sky with the U.S Maple-ish ‘The Dancing Girl And The Burning Town’, thin and blown-out at the same time. It sinks its hooks in quickly, whereas the seven-minute ‘Europa’ is like a noise track slowed to the rate of a blissful IV drip. ‘Deep Water Attack’ is a brief, squishy detour living up to its title, and the tape’s first side ends with ‘Digging A Hole In A Dried Up Lake’, a meek and eventually glistening, watery drone. It’s a bit cosmic and quite pretty, especially at the end.

Read the whole review at

Cassettes and downloads available here.


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