Reunion Sacred Ibis review at Cyclic Defrost

Reunion Sacred Ibis‘  Antikythera release on Monstera Deliciosa has been reviewed at Cyclic Defrost.

The disk is bookended by the bristling, interruption-laden ‘Pana-Wave 1’ and then ‘Pana-Wave 2’, which feels a bit more crumbling and mystical both. In between is ‘Forty Flying In Formation’, a seven-minute study in repetitive manipulations and modulations that finds an unlikely nest of melody and rhythm in its skewed patterns. The title track, meanwhile, is all harsh burn and gurgle, like a close-contact splash of acid. It gets pretty deep and busy before exiting in mid-throe, at times tapping an incidental bass throb and flirting with shards of what resembles channel surfing.

Read the full review here.

Antikythera is available now. Order here.


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