Crab Smasher reviewed at Grind And Punishment

Shameless self promoters and improv noise divas Crab Smasher have had their latest exploratory music release Thick Mosquito Sky critiqued in a fantastic piece of writing at grindcore music blog Grind and Punishment.

The whole experience slithers around your pineal gland like hypnotic waves of an electronic ocean breaking against a faintly heard shore of traditional instrumentation. The ghost in Crab Smasher’s noise making machines is post-Barrett/pre-Dark Side of the Moon Pink Floyd (think Meddle) being slowly spooled out like a kitten with a ball of yarn, particularly on the stunning, understated and damn near subliminal “Europa,” which creeps up on you over its seven minute running time, building just shy of rocking the fuck out.

Read the whole review here.


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