Michael Crafter – D.Y Or Die

Monstera Deliciosa is somewhat proud to announce the cassette release of Dee Why based punk duo Michael Crafter‘s D.Y Or Die EP, which was previously issued on CD through Lesstalk Records. Screaming through 12 tracks of posi party-violence and nonsensical grindcore, this dynamic duo of Matheson Vaughn and Dave Bate pay tribute to their reality TV namesake with good times, novelty humour, and somewhat fill the gaping hole in the musical cosmos left by Vaughn’s previous outfit Anal Discharge. As an additional bonus, the cassette version features an exclusive remix by electro funster Simo Soo.

1. Chillin n Billin
2. Song 1
3. Fat People Make Me Sick
4. Skinny People Eat A Dick
5. Building Sandcastles
6. The Positive Song
7. Punk Rock Dinner Party (Simo Soo Remix)
8. Stuck Between Stations
9. Drugs Are Bad
10. Punk Rock Dinner Party
11. D.Y Or Die
12. Just A Song About Ping Pong
13. The Way The Truth The Light


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