Crab Smasher – Impossible Monsters

Crab Smasher‘s Impossible Monsters 3″ CDR from back in 2007  is perhaps the most valued treasure in the Crab Smasher catalogue, it’s certainly their most popular album if you believe these statistics. But oh no! it’s now completely sold out and out-of-print. Sure you could give your money to iTunes or pay some clueless scumbag on eBay, but why bother? To save you the hassle we’ve secured the rights to release a brand new 5″ CDR reisue! We’re not going to con you with dodgy bonus tracks or remastering, sonically it’s exactly the same, but now like never before you can play it in your iMac or your car. Whoopee! $8 PP

1. I Am Error
2. Killing With Kindness
3. The Moon Rattled Inside Her
4. A Sad Day For Everybody
5. It Took a drop of blood to break the witches spell
6. Sekhmet
7. Ring Out Your Great Bells in Victory
8. You Don’t Have to Shout When the Sun Comes Out


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