Crab Smasher reviewed in Blitz Magazine

Wednesday 17th February 2010
Excelsior Hotel, Surry Hills

Unable to drink Jaeger Bombs (doctors orders), an evening of Avante Guarde and experimental noise was selected over Jaeger Uprising. Defektro kicked off with a set up that looked more like a table of alien weaponry than a musical arsenal. The extreme low waveforms, grinding industrial and literally flaming outro set the standard for the proceedings. Crab Smasher took us from Pavement to Suicide (the band), with moments of Devo laced with Casiotone; Equal parts noise and melody, heads were nodding appreciatively if not arrhythmically. Varlets forgot they were playing, but managed to show up and squeeze in ten minutes of more traditional guitar torture / Synth / drums. Headlining with trumpet, precision drumming and two guitars (one mostly played with a metal bus sign, the other with saturated with effects) was Forenzics. This four piece was something beyond sound scape and more in the direction of early Mogwai baiting Oren Ambarchi and Battles. One could almost sense John Zorn astral travelling around this show, with a broad but crooked metaphysical smile.

Cris Lapa – Blitz Magazine



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