New Weird Australia, Volume Five

The latest volume in the New Weird Australia compilation series is available now! Covering a vast range of sonic and geographical territory, Volume 5 includes new and unreleased tracks from Crab Smasher, Justice Yeldham, Gail Priest, Dot.AY, and heaps more. If you like what you hear, be sure to grab the first four releases in this series, they’re all awesome and completely free to download.

1. Mookoid – Hex River Valley
2. Dot.AY -You Knight
3. Peace Out! – Running On Sand, Walking On Water
4. Burning Palms – Mockery
5. The Atlas Room – Iris
6. ///▲▲▲\\\ – Spit Shine
7. Kate Carr – Textopera
8. Red Plum & Snow – I Would Die 4 U
9. Duns – Bad Rythm (sic)
10. Vorad Fils – Temple Leak
11. Justice Yeldham – March Of The Bodypumpers
12. Gail Priest – Etchings
13. Caught Ship – BlackHole/SweatBeat
14. Crab Smasher – Skin Destruction
15. Ripples – False Mission
16. Blake Freele – Inside There’s Expectations

Compiled by Stuart Buchanan & Danny Jumpertz.
Artwork by Kris Keogh

Standard Quality, 160 kbps (92 MB) | Higher Quality, 320kbps (138 MB)

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