Edwin Montgomery – Topography

Edwin Montgomery has a new digital release available titled Topography. You can download it for free below.

this was recorded in december and january, all with just a roland sh2 monophonic analog synthesizer. in an effort to avoid bad habits of over-layering synth sounds, all the pieces were improvised with just the synthesizer, a loop pedal and delay pedal (with digital reverb added afterwards). with no computer editing and layering, a more spontaneous and organic sound is (hopefully) created, any unintended sounds becoming part of the loop and in turn taking the piece in new unplanned directions.

1. 5:42 (Descent)
2. Waves of Trilithium
3. Pools of unidentified liquid
4. The pleasance
5. Surface Tension
6. Empty
7. Linoleum
8. Solaris Highway Scene
9. Wondrous sights speeding past the window
10. Pearl Beach
11. Some sort of machinery
12. Sunday afternoon
13. Formations of Mountains
14. Evidence of Water
15. Noctis
16. Into the light
17. The longing for nothingness (Forever, Part 2)
18. Smaller And Smaller



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