Crab Smasher Melbourne Tour 2010

Marnie Vaughn chats with the president of her fanclub.

Crab Smasher are heading to Melbourne for some shows this weekend, not really in support of anything but certainly promoting love and tenderness! However, for those keeping score, they have a new 3″ CDR out on CURT called The Doctor Is In… Over His Head out in late March, they’ve recently recorded a bunch of new material, including a cover of the X-MEN animated series theme song for a new compilation coming out through Lesstalk Records, and a really spiffy new track called Skin Destruction will appear on the fifth volume of the New Weird Australia compilation series.  So there.

On Thursday February 11 you can catch the band at the Old Bar at 74-76 Johnston Street Fitzroy from 8pm, with Penguins, Spitfire Parade, and The Bunyip Moon.

On Friday February 12 you can catch the band doing a live set on 3CR radio.Not sure what time. Just listen.

On Saturday February 13 there is much to take in, so take a deep breath! You can catch the band for an early set at the last ever Summer Winds Festival in Albert St Park in Brunswick. It starts at 10am, Crab Smasher are playing early, but if you’re sticking around you can catch the likes of Prehistoric Fuckin’ Moron(s), Gauntlet, Psychward vs. Tea and Sympathy Symphony, Gauntlet, Lost Animal, Eko Eko Azarak, Either/Or, Matthew Brown, JK Fuller, Avatron, Repairs, Pissypaw, Murrggh’urr, Hissy Mearky, Chrome Dome, Yakks, MV, Omen, and i’m sure heaps more. All ages welcome.

Later on in the day from 2pm at CrashbangFuckyourhead at 43 Pender st Thornbury, there’s an afternoon of Newcastle Noise worship with Crab Smasher, Drillbit, Mitchell Brennan, and John Butler Fucks Kidz performing heavy heavy sets of ear destroying sound ruffage. All ages welcome.

Rounding out this ridiculously ambitious day is the Eternal Youth Carefree Cleanness launch spectacular at Loophole from 7pm, where Crab Smasher and The Welcome Fight will support the mighty Go Genre Everything as they launch their new album, which is awesome, and when Go Genre Everything launch a new album, they really LAUNCH IT. Its on High Street in Thornbury and you need a ticket to get in. If you haven’t got one, email Go Genre Everything here if you’d like to get one. You have to ask or you’ll never get one.

Finally as Melbourne get sick of Crab Smasher’s one trick, they open up for their guitar hero Popolice, with Winterplan and The Analyte at The Empress on Sunday February 14, from 8pm.

And then they drive home, maybe just maybe Grant will let everybody stop at Dog on the Tuckerbox for magnums.


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