Go Genre Everything – Gelf

It has been a long time coming, but the latest release from the Monstera Deliciosa bedroom record label is out now! We’re very excited to announce that you can now order MNSTRDLCS008, a bizarro CDR of Go Genre Everything performing at The Cesspool in October 2008 called GELF.
consists of an improvised soundscape of slowburn foist gonk in three parts, “recorded in one session in a space between going from here to there quite quickly, and GGE hope to do it many more times with each passing year of travel into the centralnortheast of the australic continent.”

One of the Elements of life is improvisation. What is improvisation as compared to other forms of activity?
Is improvisation definitely a display of conscious action? How does improvisation compare to ritual action? what about the day to day things which people do? Are we improvising when we decide to go and find something to eat in an unfamiliar enviroment?

There are many ways to make improvised music, and there are many ritualistic methods of improvisation, defined by tradition and design. How do the different methods compare and how many of these methods are methods which have not been discussed or discovered?

For all you noobs out there, Go Genre Everything are the bonkers duo of soulmates Jen Tait and Zach Von Bamberger currently based in Melbourne Australia. They’re one of the most amazingly eccentric and just mindblowingly catchy psychedelic rock bands around, and as far as we’re concerned, one of this country’s most underrated treasures.
Subscribe at http://www.gogenreeverything.org for access to an enormous archive of free lossless quality music, subsidised CDs and merchandise, and other top secret member benefits. Also look out for their Eternal Youth Carefree Cleanness album and Humans And Luxury 7″ due out soon. Gelf is available from the paypal link below for $10 including postage, and will be available at selected independent retailers soon.

1 Gelf 1
2 Gelf 2
3 Gelf 3


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