Crab Smasher – David Intolerant And The Seventeen Screaming Kids

Crab Smasher
released David Intolerant And The Seventeen Screaming Kids in 2003. Mostly made up of songs considered too crap for the debut album, as well as material considered too crap for a new album, if you’re a fan of Crab Smasher ver.1.0, then you will love it! If you’re a fan of Crab Smasher ver.3.0 you will absolutely hate it! Primarily put together with a pirate copy of Fruityloops software and a broken PC microphone, the album consists of 25 tracks of  pitch shifted/halfspeed/doublespeed gimmicky novelty songs, goofy lyrics, and irritating electronica. The album really only has about 5 good songs, which are Twelve Milkmen…, Terror Trolls in Sugar Swamp, Calenture, Keratoconus, and I See Number Nine.  Maybe skip this one, unless you really get off on free stuff.

1. twelve milkmen is theoretically possible…thirteen is silly
2. mart
3.  the trustworthy prawn
4. aligator digs for a friend
5. terror trolls in sugar swamp
6. knee six
7. keratoconus
8. scissor face
9. i see number nine
10. ergonomic melonballer
11. boys are sexy
12. bringer of death
13. rainbow
14. not clever
15. calenture
16. wolf baby with brain damage
17. quentin the squid
18. the devil owns share in voyager music
19. peaches and cream taste nicer when not in lollipop form
20. earthen girl, chimney face
21. kung-fu of eight drunkards
22. the sun comes up
23. the magic garden of stanley sweetheart
24. the wonderful ice-cream suit
25. the internet makes me forget to have showers



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