Skippy The Bush Kangaroo – Greatest Hits Vol.1

Lesstalk Records have made the Skippy The Bush Kangaroo EP available for free download. The original CDR is long out of print, so check it out if you missed it first time around. Skippy were a fruity/thrashy/screamy band from the NSW Central Coast, with an aussie sense of humour, some rockin’ tunes, and lots of teenage fans. The band featured the flexible duo of Nathan Martin and Jeff Brown from Anal Discharge, The (Temperamental) Pocket, Crab Smasher etc. on Guitar and Drums.  After a long hiatus, Skippy have now reinvented themselves as New Guava. ooooh.

1. Intro
2. Storm Troopers vs. Light/Fade
3. Binny The Ibis
4. Bovinious Boy



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