Kitchen’s Floor – Kitchen’s Floor

Kitchen’s Floor have kindly offered up their 2008 debut EP for free download. I think it’s out of print now, so if you missed out on this, be sure to put it on your iPod or whatever and give it a play. Kitchen’s Floor here are Matt Kennedy (ex Look!Pond, French Horns, Minx), and Julia Norris. I love the shabby nylon string acoustic guitar plus saucepan drums bedroom version of Kitchen’s Floor that appears here so much more than the current distorto rock & roll lineup, but that’s just my opinion man. All of the songs from the EP would later reappear in electrified versions on the Loneliness is a Dirty Mattress album available from RIP Society, but the original recordings are so much more fun. Check it out.

1. Deadshits
2. Dishes
3. Left
4. Downed It
5. Ground



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