Sarah Humphreys, ABC Music Artist of The Year

Our buddy Sarah Humphreys was just announced as ABC Music Artist of the year in the 2009 Newcastle Music Awards. She also took out awards for Best Pop Release and Best Sound Production. What ultimate news! Sarah sure has come a long way since being kicked out of Crab Smasher all those years ago.

No words can describe how amazing it feels to be recognized like this by the ABC, by all of the judges and stand up in front of a room of singers, musicians and songwriters, family and friends and have a beautiful moment in the sun! I am truly grateful for that moment and all it will bring in the future for me, for my songs, and for my family. The future with ABC Music looks very bright!

Her New EP Autumn is out now through May Records and it’s unreal. We particularly like the track Hundred Billion Stars. I think it should be in stores by now, otherwise get them to order it in through Green/MGM distribution. If all else fails, it’s always playing at the Diner in Summer Bay.


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