Crab Smasher – Forever!

Crab Smasher have just released a new live album on Sky Hut, it’s called Forever! and yes it’s completely free! It features seven tracks recorded to Zoom H4 at the Winter Tragic Festival in the Blue Mountains, and in the prison exercise yard of The Lock Up museum in Newcastle. This is Crab Smasher stripped back to the ultra-trio of Nicholas French, Grant Hunter, and Marnie Vaughn, and even though it’s a bit lo-fi and bootleggy it’s still positively rockin’. The fantastic cover photo was by Nicholas Pitt, who first introduced Grant Hunter and Nicholas French back in High School. You can download the whole album in a variety of formats  from the link below.

1. Big Beautiful Women
2. Death train
3. Fighting For Her Attention
4. Mating In Captivity
5. Wool Flies
6. Japanese Bug Fights
7. False Alarm


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