Crab Smasher Q&A in The Brag #329

There was a bit of a Q&A article with Grant Hunter from Crab Smasher in this weeks issue of The Brag. It read just like this.

Growing Up
My father made me cassette mix tapes of Oingo Boingo, and heaps of Australian stuff like The Saints, The Angels, and The Radiators while my mother just listened to The Carpenters, which was pretty awesome. When I was little I used to record cassettes of myself singing songs like Ninja Rap by Vanilla Ice and Horses by Daryl Brathwaite into a boombox. I still have some tapes in the archive, hit me up if you want a copy. I got my first acoustic guitar when I was 8, started playing bass when I was 12. Rather than excel at either I concentrated on pushing buttons and making dumb loud noises instead.

None of us really listen to similar music at all, which kind of works to our advantage in creating weirdo audio vomit that nobody wants to listen to. I mostly listen to bands like Ween, They Might Be Giants, The Flaming Lips, stuff like that, and like them, we tend to skip around different genres and styles quite a bit, but we don’t really sound anything like them. We’re more interested in exploring new sounds and ideas, than sounding like whatever is cool this week. Unless nu-metal becomes popular again, then we’ll be all over it.

Your Band
Crab Smasher is always morphing into something else but at the moment Grant Hunter plays synths and electronic stuff, Nicholas French plays guitar, Marnie Vaughn plays drums, Nathan Martin plays bass, and Jeffrey Brown plays even more drums. It’s a struggle to get us all together as we’re all involved with art projects, installing foxtel dishes or playing in other real bands that have songs. We started recording in 2002, played our first gig in 2004 and the current radical lineup came together in 2008.

The Music You Make
We play a confusing mix of improvised noise rock, cutesy electro-pop, soundscapey drones and brutal electronics. We’re heaps metal! We have released heaps of bad albums, some good EPs and heaps of live recordings which you can download for free on the internet. We record everything ourselves in bedrooms and garages on various digital recording devices. We have a mindblowing new album coming together sometime within the next five years hopefully, and heaps of stuff sitting around in the archive which you can probably have for free.

Music, Right Here, Right Now
The music scene seems healthy, at least from our perspective. It’s great to see bands playing shows in houses and carparks and putting out music themselves on CDRs and cassettes and people writing nice things in magazines and blogs. It’s a shame to see so many warehouse venues closing up in Sydney, but I’m sure something else will come along. Here in Newcastle there aren’t many venues left, but fortunately we have a small little crew of like-minded people making and doing good stuff. You just have to appreciate what you have and make your own opportunities. Things are looking up. Stay positive.

Who: Crab Smasher
Where: Sound Summit/Cambridge Hotel Newcastle
When: Saturday October 3


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