We Come From Garageland

One of our favourite radio shows is We Come From Garageland on 2ser, it’s always had a focus on all the great music happening in garages, bedrooms, and warehouses in this country, and often played a lot of small press DIY stuff that really doesn’t get broadcast anywhere else.  It used to be hosted by Kurt and Dice from ultra maniacs Say Cheese And Die, who were always super swell to us and played our tunes often, even on one occasion playing Crab Smasher‘s non-event album The Picky Eater in it’s entirety. Kurt and Dice have moved on to other things but thankfully the show is being taken over by ace music writer Shaun Prescott, who always has something nice to say about us, and Lia Tsamoglou, who plays in luscious Sydney duo Moonmilk and is one of our favourite people in the world.

The new show starts tonight at 10:30pm and every Thursday from now on. If you’re in Sydney you can tune in to 107.3FM but if you’re not you can stream it at www.2ser.com/stream. We didn’t always get a chance to catch the show in the past, but made an effort to check out the playlists, so good news everyone! Playlists will be posted on the 2ser website each week.

Send music to  wecomefromgarageland@2ser.com.


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