Vox Cyclops

Some of our buddies in the Spanish Magic crew have been slowly working away at one of the most eagerly anticipated of the Renew Newcastle projects, a music/art/junk shop called Vox Cyclops. With Yvonne Ruve coming to an end soon, what better way to move on than to start a kickarse record shop in Newcastle, It’s just what this town needs! Other than The Rock Shop, which is just ridiculous(unless you want shoes or bongs), there’s only a bunch of unfriendly chain stores and the odd second hand CD shop with nothing in it. There’s┬ánothing that caters for local artists or obscure tastes, and Newcastle certainly has a market for such a thing.┬áVox Cyclops plans to initially concentrate on Australian music on vinyl, cassette, CDs and CDRs, zines, books, with a view to eventually expand further abroad.
The stocklist already reads like a who’s who of the Australian underground/DIY community. In addition to stocking the Spanish Magic catalogue, you can pick up reasonably priced treats from Breakdance The Dawn, Pulled Out, We Empty Rooms, Stained Circles, Sweatlung, RIP Society, Shamefile, Tenzenmen and heaps more, plus they’re stocking our Monstera Deliciosa stuff too, which is going to be really great for us.
The shop is having a launch party tomorrow night August 14 from 7pm.

515 Hunter St

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One thought on “Vox Cyclops

  1. OFF WITH OUR HEADS… exhibition opening & Cock Safari performance 5pm til about 8.30pm Safari @ 6.00pm exhibition @ 7.00pm

    included in the evening will be paint, pencil, wine, chatter, costume and sound


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