Crab Smasher – Todd McFarlane Crushes The Tyranny Of Corporate America

Next from Crab Smasher we have perhaps the best of the old stuff, Todd McFarlane Crushes The Tyranny Of Corporate America. This album was arranged in bits and pieces on a fab new Tascam 2488 Digital Recorder in Budgewoi and Newcastle and was released in October 2005 at a hot Newcastle show above a dress shop with Yellow Swans, and Grey Daturas. No longer limited by crashing computers and dodgy pirate software, the band were able to wrestle all kinds of demonic sounds out of the gear they had been using in their live sets, making for a closer representation of what the band actually sounded like. Still, they took advantage of the studio environment, the album features layer upon layer upon layer of conflicting instrumentation, strange go-nowhere melodies contrasted with piercing electronic noise, spazzing out cassette walkmens, gameboys playing level one of a Spider-Man cartridge, wild clarinet solos, poorly played violins, scratchy field recordings of barking dogs, dead shopping centres, and bastard kids. Despite being a jumbled clash of noise, each track retains a certain song-like quality that hints at a direction they would later explore and refine for the 2007 Impossible Monsters EP.
The album featured a handful of special guests on some of the tracks, including Chris Hearn of Alps Of New South Wales, who played drums on his bones are made of wood and grow like a tree with skin…birds are attracted to him and make nests on him…they bring twigs and things, Mike Foxall of Nancy Vandal plays the absurd guitar solo on The kids on the street will never give in, and Chloe’s little brother Ben Russell played a guitar track on You’re letting the sadness of the swamps get to you.

1. Soundtrack to A Heart Attack
2.A Piece of Equipment In The Bloodstream
3. Microscopic Balloons Made Out Of Glass
4. Fetus Caught In The Birth Canal
5. (I’ve Got) The Wyong Plaza Blues
6. Blood Porridge
7. The Kids On The Street Will Never Give In
8. One Armed Man Extinguises The 12 Candles
9. You’re Letting The Sadness Of The Swamps Get To You
10. A voice as warm and honest as  country preacher’s handshake
11. His Bones are made of wood and grow like a tree with skin…
12. Head like a wasp and a mouthful of stingers instead of teeth
13. Strawberry Milk In Pink Cups
14. Hold Me Closer Tony Danza



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