Crab Smasher – to have ants…

First up in our Crab Smasher archival series is To Have Ants…
This was recorded on March 23rd  2006 with the founding lineup of Grant Hunter, Nicholas French, and Chloe Russell, in the back shed of Grant’s Mum’s Wyee property. Originally released in an edition of 43 copies on tacky neon 3″ CDR, each with hand painted cover artwork which was produced by Hunter and French by painting up a large abstract work on a sheet of fluoro pink cardboard and cutting it up into 43 sections. The track is notable for being perhaps the earliest appearance of Nicholas French on guitar, as he had only just begrudgingly bought his trademark $200 squier telecaster. You can’t get him to put the thing down now! Also includes some gimmicky kaoss pad and groovebox wizardry from Hunter, the curious percussive rhythms of drum genius Chloe Russell, and the most pure and primitive improvisations the band has ever produced. There’s a lot of room to breathe in this track, for the first time the band was pacing themselves rather than screeching ahead all over the shop and over the top of each other in a chaotic fashion, paving the way for the years of redundant drones that would follow. This release is out of print, with no plans to reissue. Completist nerds among you may wish to purchase one of the last known copies from Sound and Fury for $5.

1. to have ants…



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