Collarbones – Waiting For The Ghosts

Collarbones is a cut-and-paste collaboration between Marcus Whale and Travis Cook.
They have released a free EP titled Waiting For The Ghosts, and I strongly urge that you download it, for it is really stunning stuff. The title track is made up almost entirely of samples from Bjork’s Vespertine album, giving it an eery familiarity, but this sounds entirely new and amazingly pretty! The Bjork influence carries over to the following tracks, with glitchy samples and heavy beats recalling her work on Homogenic and Volta.
Perhaps what really carries this EP is the delicate vocals of Marcus Whale, soaring here like never before. Each track here is a refined pop composition, much less exploratory than his work as Scissor Lock, but no less challenging.  Download this. It’s amazing.

1. Waiting for the Ghosts
2. Dismantle
3. Paper Dolls
4. Weatherman
5. Voltaire



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