Modern Muzak

There’s a great article over at Shaun Prescott’s new blog Under The Rostrum where he discusses modern artists such as Ducktails and our own Polyfox and The Union Of The Most Ghosts and places them within a Muzak context.

Polyfox and the Union of the Most Ghosts’ music is built around threadbare demo-button beats, simple guitar movements and, occasionally, field recordings. The melodic tropes are so familiar that the music feels like an equation of sorts. You’ve heard this all a hundred times before – in the car, on the television, in the elevator – but previously these tiny inconsequential note progressions and textural tics were embedded within a bigger, more substantial whole. Now, the repetitive circular motion is all that’s left. There are no crests to climb and no lyrics to guide: this is the bare, treacherous scaffold of pop music.

Check it out.


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