Simo Soo – Gore Grind Is The Way Of The Future

Simo Soo is the solo project of Simo from Call The Medic, Call the Nurse!!, who were one of the more interesting Sydney punk bands of recent years due to their creative use of unusual instrumentation such as melodicas, clarinets, organs, etc.
This project sees Simo singing and playing guitar and keyboards along to pre-programmed iPod backing tracks. The songs are in an electro/dance/punk style and are really a lot of fun. He has a talent for reinterpreting other peoples music, having covered the likes of The Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Teenage Jesus And The Jerks.

His latest release Gore Grind Is The Way Of The Future is available for free download, it features 11 varied tracks of noisy good time party punk, with lots of wild vocals, high tempo distorted beats and glitchy videogame electronics, even an Operator Please cover.
The download also comes with a selection of bonus remixes by Emergency! Emergency!, Catinabox, The Carnage Visors & Troon Lienad. The hipsters will be eating this up in no time.

1. Nieces Sleeping
2. Uhohahohoh!
3. Girls Who Like The Fiery Furnaces
4. I Smashed My Face & All I Got Was This Photo Pretending To Be Andrew WK
5. Just A Song About Ping Pong
6. Fuck Yr Fans
7. Most Of My Friends Have Beards
8. Radd
9. Night! Night!
10. Automobile Giving Birth To A Blind Horse Biting A Telephone
11. Suede Belts, Cocaine, Tonight!



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