Eclectic Dreams – Self Titled EP

Eclectic Dreams is the performing name of Christopher Wood, an inventive guitarist based on the NSW Central Coast.
He has just released his first EP online for free and it is definitely worth the download if you’re into post-rock or indie-pop sort of stuff.
I’ve caught Chris live a few times, he generally performs solo using live looping and lots of effects pedals to perform his multi-layered atmospheric pop songs. Here he has used the studio to his advantage to truly flesh out the songs, adding his own bass and keyboards, and enlisting additional musicians to contribute drums, violins, and vocals to the tracks.
In the past I’ve found Wood’s overly sincere vocals to be the most punishing element of his music, but they’re much better here. Chris would be wise to continue working with Naomi Brown, her ethereal vocals contribute so much to the songs that I can’t imagine Chris performing solo anymore, this sounds like a huge band that really should be playing live. The first track Pictures Fade is the standout, it reveals Chris to be not just a proficient guitar noodler, but a great songwriter too. It features a really pretty melodic arrangement of faux-glockenspiels and the violins leading into the massive chorus are truly wonderful.
The whole EP was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Chris Wood himself, and he has done a fantastic job. It sounds incredibly professional and radio-friendly, I’m curious as to whether this was done in a bedroom or a pro-studio. Apparently the project is now on hiatus while Chris travels the world, but if this EP is any indication, a full length album could be very good indeed.

1. Pictures Fade
2. Smile
3. Tired Eyes



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