The Vandal’s Voice #8 DVD


Nancy Vandal are back, and to celebrate they have released a new edition of The Vandal’s Voice – now in the popular “DVD” format. Issue number 8 is jam packed with fab gear including video highlights of the 2003 Reunion show at Manning Bar, the new Nancy Vandal ep “Quite Partial To Rock”, an episode of the never before seen 60s Nancy Vandal cartoon, and a 25 track NV tribute album. You can order the DVD for $12pp from the NANCY VANDAL website.


tHe pHloggs You’re Not Doing It Properly
Errol jm and the trade secrets Space Girl With Bionic Breasts
Your Mother 123 Baby Yeah
Laura Imbruglia You’re So Tough For Hating silverchair
Missing Deltora Demolition Derby Date
Crab Smasher – El Death Ray!
Zoe Vaughn Sex Toy
Driverside Airbag What Eggs Architect?
FuGg [Oh Yes] You’re Beautiful
Adam Buckland Come On Honey Let’s Smash The State Tonight
Jason Recliner Playing With My Faeces
The Snoozefests Egg Sandwich
Batfoot We’re Not Getting Any Nuder
The Lovesongs Satan Is Tops
The Tenants Monty
The Archie Wah Wahs Maketh The Star
Peachfield Galahs Aliens Stole My Riff
Tome Fromme Jungle O Luv
Crapulous Gee Gaw Traditional Croation Tree Planting Polka
Wayne Keys Show She Left Me For A Gameshow Host Blues
Vladivostok That’s Very Funny
JJ Speedball Hard Rockin Man
Flyblown Foreskin Sucker For Your Spit
The Camden Leisure Pirates Stevie Evil Genius
Geoffmania Come On Honey Let’s Smash The State Tonight


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