Feeding Grounds

Hunting grounds is the first of a series of large scale architecture exhibitions at The Room Project in the centre of Newcastle, as a part of the Renew Newcastle initiative.
Conceived by Kim Bridgland, hunting grounds is an installation of ten thousand small lengths of construction timber packed together into an undulating floor to create an immersive and tactile experience of space.

The exciting closing feature of the hunting grounds exhibition, feeding grounds expands the visual and already prevalent aural focus of the architecture environment into a densely sound based interactive experience for its patrons. A unique 90 minute part installation-part performance running on between 6-8pm on Saturday 14 March, Feeding grounds sees 16 contact microphones planted throughout the floor to amplify the sound of movement through a slow progression into an expressive ambient soundscape by four local sound artists and experimental musicians, Kane Ewin, Nicholas French, Chris Hearn and Mark Leacy.

Newcastle based artists Kane Ewin and Mark Leacy are part of the collectively run avant garde CDR, tape and vinyl label Spanish Magic, who also curate experimental music events at their underground Sydney venue. Members of Newcastle improvisiational semi-electronic sextet Castings, who have in recent times released albums on US and UK labels American Tapes and Chocolate Monk Recordings, they are currently recording for a new album release in 2009. As a part of SKM Stompbox, Kane Ewin has experience with wood and sound textures, as a manufacturer of custom made amplified stomp boxes.

Nick French is a member of Crab Smasher, Brassskulls and Rotted Crow, three acts at the forefront of Newcastle experimental music. He also performs solo as Polyfox and the Union of the Most Ghosts, and runs the Sky Hut online blog, documenting Australian avant garde music.

Chris Hearn has taken his sound art to the world, having performed at the Das Klein Field Recordings Festival in Berlin and the Olympia Festival of Experimental Music. He is also an accomplished indie-electronica artist, releasing records under the moniker Alps of New South Wales on multiple labels internationally, and having performed live in 14 countries in the last four years.

Feeding Grounds runs from 6:00pm to 8:00pm Saturday 14 March at The Room Project, 111 Hunter St Mall, Newcastle. It is followed at 8:00pm by an after-party at The View Factory, featuring rare local performances by exhibitors Chris Hearn and Nick French under their Alps and Polyfox pseudonyms, alongside Melbourne shoegazer Popolice.

The room project and the hunting grounds installation is a featured part of the Renew Newcastle initiative. For more information visit www.renewnewcastle.org


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