Audiopollen Social Festival 2009

Audiopollen Social Club presents THREE killer, one-off, never to be repeated events / happenings surveying the current state of play in underground, experimental, imaginative, outsider, and insider art in BRISBANE (and beyond) with an emphasis on the SONIC and ear vibrating, the VISUAL and eye exploding, the INTERVENTIONIST and mind bending.
Audiopollen Social Club is an artist-oriented, freeform, sonic, but sensorially promiscuous beast that between 2006-2009 ran over eighty DIY happenings in a concrete storage shelter in West End Bris which have already acheived legendary status for their energising, propulsive effect on the nascent experimental scene and for their subsequent sweet-talking fwd of a whole new slew of adventurous non-comformist Brisbane artists.

Audiopollen Festival Curators: Yusuke Akai, Daiji Igarashi, Joel Stern

For further information visit


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